Toolmaking: for new products, design, and component manufacturing

It’s about the attention to detail

Plastic injection moulds, press tools, jigs & fixtures, or small batch machining.

Having confidence in any company to achieve your goal is essential. Many engineers produce tools and components, but when it comes to precision and attention to detail, NB Toolmaking is the right choice.

With 35 years’ experience in toolmaking and extensive experience in all fields of precision engineering, NB Toolmaking can provide the solution. Whether you require mould tools, jigs and fixtures, press tools, one-off or bespoke components, we can produce them all.

With such a vast field of knowledge and experience, we can provide the best possible results. Producing components and tools for the industry, including many prestigious companies who regularly return to NB Toolmaking for further tooling.

Whether your requirements are simple or complex, NB Toolmaking can take you through the manufacturing process to achieve your desired component at the best possible cost. All work is carried out by a professional, highly-skilled engineer.

We can provide:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Prototyping
  • One-offs
  • Bespoke components

Dealing with one company for all your engineering needs will provide the easiest solution and the quickest route in the most cost-effective way.

NBToolmaking contact number Mob: 07547 268267

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